Scrum Agile Project Management

Scrum Big Picture

How can you share information about a Scrum project between the team members or assess its status? This article by Kulawat Wongsaroj proposes eight visualizations techniques to share information on a Scrum project. All these techniques try to summarize the large and complex set of data of a Agile project in different dimensions. They exist to help the ScrumMaster, the other team members and the other various stakeholders like managers to get a better understanding of the project.

These eight visual techniques are:
* (Release) Burndown Chart
* Story Mapping
* Parking Lot
* Scaled Bar Chart
* Treemap
* Dartboard
* Stacked Area Chart
* Burndown and Epic Bar

For each technique, the article provides an example and some explanations about what information they display. At the end of the article, a table allow to compare the different techniques with their benefits and disadvantages.