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Questions About Scrum

When your organization is thinking to adopt Scrum or is just beginning to use it, there are always questions that people will ask about how Scrum really works. As an independent Agile Coach, Roger Brown has collected 85 of them that he has arranged under major topics like people or technology.

It is a very interesting list that contains questions like:
* What happens when the team wants to remove a member
* How to do multiple projects in one Sprint
* Engineering advocates Scrum but still wants detailed specs
* How much Product Backlog should be ready prior to the Sprint
* How to roll up the health of several teams for a PMO dashboard

I think that ScrumMasters or people that want their organizations to adopt Scrum should use this list as a “mock” interview list. These are the type of situations that you will face or the questions that managers or team members will ask. It is therefore better to come prepared with some solutions that you can propose.

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