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Metrics for Scrum

Metrics are an important tool when you want to manage something. It is very important to define what you want to measure as this will also impact your project team activity. In this blog post, Bob Boyd proposes 9 metrics for Scrum.

The 9 suggested metrics that a Scrum team can consider are:
1. Actual Stories Completed vs. Committed Stories
2. Technical Debt Management
3. Team Velocity
4. Quality Delivered to Customer
5. Team Enthusiasm
6. Retrospective Process Improvement
7. Communication
8. Scrum Team’s Adherence to Scrum Rules & Engineering Practices
9. Development Team’s Understanding of Sprint Scope and Goal

For each metric, there is an explanation of its meaning and objectives. You will also find a list of possible dysfunctions that this metrics might reveal. Even if some of the proposed metrics are more “indicator” than “hard number” metrics, this blog post is an interesting starting point to think about monitoring a Scrum team status.

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