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Implementing Scrum: Evolution or Revolution?

As Rex Lester explains in this article: “Implementing Scrum involves adoption of a new paradigm across the organization. In most instances, the severe level of culture shift and change aren’t really appreciated”. The article discusses the difficulties of moving an organization from a Waterfall process to an Agile approach.

It starts with a list of tasks that organizations should perform to implement Scrum. Here are some of them:
* Define a governance structure supporting Scrum.
* Create and formalize Scrum job descriptions and remuneration packages.
* Make non-Scrum roles within your organization redundant.
* Reorganize your office seating to colocate your Scrum teams.

The article continue by discussing the the different issues that you face when your organization moves to Scrum like the fact that some people like software testers or financial controllers might be skeptical, delaying strategies to avoid change, creating Scrum-but approaches.

His conclusion is that: “Running a high-performance Scrum organization is every bit as hard as running a complex Waterfall program; it’s just that the challenges are different. The issues pop up sooner and the benefits come earlier, but without senior management support, it’s unlikely that those benefits will be recognized.”

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