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Giving Feedback in Scrum with FEELING

The role of the coaches and ScrumMaster is to give feedback to the members of the Scrum teams. In this article, Francesco Attanasio proposes a model based around the FEELING acronym: Facts; Emotions; Encouragement; Learning; Implications; New Goals.

The article describes each of these elements. The first stage is to gather the facts. Doing this, people realized what they have achieved, which is often more than they give themselves credit for. The following step is to see how team members feel about what they have achieved. Then you need to find ways to encourage people for what they have accomplished, even if they didn’t reach their initial goal. The focus on learning is the best way to improve people’s thinking. Discussing the implication allows to reinforce what they have just learned. The last part of the FEELING model is to define the next goal to focus on for the Scrum team member.

The conclusion of Francesco Attanasio is “In summary, the step after a coaching session (one-on-one or at the team level) is following up with people to help them recognize and therefore further embed the good habits they’re developing. By doing this in a positive and supportive way, we give people the encouragement they need to turn their delicate new thinking circuits into full-blown hard wiring.”

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