Scrum Agile Project Management

Games for Project Risk Management

Collaborative risk management brings many benefits to Scrum teams, notably by generating wiser decisions and creating a collective ownership of issues. In his blog, Mike Griffiths describes some collaborative games that can be use project risk management.

The approach is based on the PMI risk management lifecycle:
1. Plan Risk Management
2. Identify Risks
3. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
4. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
5. Plan Risk Responses
6. Control Risks

At the beginning you define how to conduct risk management activities for the project. In the second part, the team identifies risks about different aspect of the project (size, scope, …) and then opportunities for the same items. Then, the team classifies and ranks the risks before a quantitative analysis. Then the team needs to plan the responses for each risk and define how they will be monitored during the project. The posts proposes some tools to perform all these activities like the probability and impact matrix or the expected monetary value.