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Dropping Scrum for Kanban

Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban: there are many approaches to manage product development and project in the Agile software development world. It is a good thing to have multiple Agile tools, but you should also know when to use them. In this article Brendan Marsh of Spotify explains why his team dropped Scrum for Kanban just before launching their product.

In the article, Brendan Marsh starts by explaining some of the difficulties faced by his team before the launch:
* Low avaibility of the developer responsible for deployment, systems admin and devops
* Answering quickly early feedback
* Dependency on external “parties”
* Fear of over-committing during sprint planning and increasing the risk of bugs
* Team already working long hours to meet the high demand of features and stability for launch

Some of the goals of the team were:
* Reduce the risk imposed by deployments
* Skill up all our developers in the deployment process
* Respond to constant change on a daily basis

Thus the team decided to follow the principles of Kanban. The article explains what is working in the change to Kanban and what should still be improved. The conclusion is that “Kanban is useful when requirements and priorities change quickly and often”.

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