Scrum Agile Project Management

Building A Great Agile Software Team

Agile software development challenges traditional project management approaches with self-organizing teams where individual members have more influences on the project success. How do you hire Scrum team member in this type of context. Mitch Lacey proposes to adopt the immersive interviewing technique to hire for agile software development teams. And like all good agile practices, it begins and ends with the team.

The article is based on a fictitious conversation between two managers that want to hire new developers. The article then discuss the questions that you should ask yourself when you hire somebody (Why are we hiring? What problems are we trying to solve? Should we even be hiring? Is there potentially an impediment inside the company that is going unresolved and a new hire is only the mask? etc.). Then Mitch Lacey proposes a scorecard based on the company’s values that helps the hiring process.

His conclusion is that “hiring is indeed more important than breathing because a bad hire can suck the air right out of the room and have damaging effects on all things in the environment. Invest in good hiring practices, create immersive environments where you can determine if the candidate is a good fit for the culture of the company, and push accountability.”

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