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Are Your User Stories Ready to Be Done?

The definition of “Done” (DoD), which means that a feature is ready for delivery, is a concept often discussed in Scrum. In this blog post, George Dinwiddie discusses the concept of “Ready” that apply to user stories that are ready to be developed.

To provide a better understanding of user stories before you start their development, you need to organize meetings with business people, developers and testers to make sure that user stories are examined from all point of views. This should create a list of essential examples or acceptance scenarios that the user story should satisfy when it is done. This activity could be done in the iteration hapenning just before the story is given to the development team.

The conclusion is George Dinwiddie that “Developing software correctly is a detail-oriented business. We’re going to have to get to that detail sooner or later. Leaving it until the programmer has a question causes interruptions in development, delays, lost effort, and, sometimes, unwarranted assumptions that give us results we don’t want.”

The value of this post also resides in its discussion where Lisa Crispin and Jeff Campbell provides interesting insights on how they manage the refinement of user stories.

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