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Adapting Scrum to UX

User eXperience (UX) includes the practical, affective and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. This article from Anindya Sengupta tries to answer common questions about UX and Scrum. It explores the challenges faced by a team working with a separate UX team in Scrum. It also gives recommendations for UX teams that are part of a Scrum team.

The article is based on a scenario where a development team and a UX team work together on a Scrum project from two different locations. The article provides some tips on how UX professionals can succeed in a Scrum project:
* Plan in a fluid manner and onboard the UX team to Scrum.
* Involve a developer in the review of UX deliverables. .
* Use the second sprint to revise design deliverables and get stakeholder approvals.
* Allow time for planning.
* Facilitate communication between the UX team and the developer team.
* Use collaboration tools to facilitate the Scrum team’s work.
* Communicate face to face whenever possible.
* Include the UX team in feature demos and reviews.

The conclusion of this article is “on a Scrum project, a UX team that does not follow Scrum as part of its delivery model presents a serious challenge to realizing the benefits of Scrum. To solve this problem, someone from the Development team must serve as a point of contact and work closely with the UX team on a regular basis to align the two teams’ timelines, as well as their expectations in terms of deliverables and requirements.”

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