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Scrum Days Poland, Warsaw, Poland, June 5-6 2017

Scrum Days Poland is a two-day conference focused on Scrum and Agile project management approaches. It aims to create an environment where people can meet, build social networks, do business and have fun with a new conference experience. The conference also provides an executive track with talks about leadership, organizational change and managing companies.

In the agenda of Scrum Days Poland you can find topics like “Corporate Adventures with Estimates and Scrum”, “Secrets of PO Success at a Tech Start’up”, “Developing Right Team’s Habits”, “Scrum is Simple, But it’s Hard – a Difficult Day of a Scrum Team”, “You’re the Scrum Fan. Get your Boss Convinced to Scrum for Dummies”, “The future present of Scrum (Are we Done yet?)”, “Say No! Be a Good Product Owner”, “Visualizations in Scrum”, “Story Mapping: Slicing epics into testable bites”, “Why Some Developers Hate Scrum?”, “Wasteful Scrum – Why Are You Doing It to Yourself?”, “Story Mapping @ Scale – Old Tool with New Value”, “How do I Tell My Boss I Want to Be a Product Owner”, “User Stories – Going From Misuse to Collaborative…”, “Building Trust Through Early Progress with Remote Customer”.

Scrum Days Poland

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Location for the Scrum Days Poland conference: Sound Garden Hotel, Żwirki i Wigury, 18 Warsaw, Poland