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Keep Austin Agile, Austin, USA, November 5 2021

Keep Austin Agile is a conference about Agile and Scrum that takes place in Austin, Texas, organized by the Agile Austin group. This event offers various tracks for education and networking in a relaxed environment with topics ranging from Agile Games and Kanban to DevOps and Agile Testing. The target audience is project manager, Scrum Master, developer, tester and software development manager.

In the agenda of the Keep Austin Agile conference you can find topics like “Brewing Great Agile Team Dynamics — No More Bitter Beer Face Communications Barry Forrest”, “Tips & Tricks for Implementing Enterprise Agile Cultural Transformation”, “So You Made Your Project Managers into Scrum Masters; Role Transitions when Becoming Agile”, “Agile = No Planning = Bull$h!t”, “You’re Not Here, Have No Fear – Agile for Distributed Teams”, “Scaling Agile? Not Without DevOps”, “Test-Driven Development – It’s About Development, Not Testing”, “Comparing Scaling Frameworks – LeSS and SAFe”, “The Ugly Truth About Scaling Agile”, “Power Coaching – Pushing the Boundaries to Build Better Teams”, “Why the World Needs More Prescriptive Agile Coaches”, “ChatOps: It’s Not Just for Your Operations”, “The Adaptive Agile Business Analyst”, “Continuous Delivery for Agile Teams”, “Piece-by-Piece and Practice Makes Perfect: Managing Iterative and Incremental Development”, “5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Hyper-Performing Teams”, “Agile Operations Teams – Kanban, Scrum, and WorkCenters”, “Not Your Mama’s Acceptance Criteria: A Product Owner’s Guide to Writing Excellent User Stories”, “Agile Testing Principles and Praxis”, “3 Stages of Enterprise Agility: From Isolated to Networked Agility”, “Agile Success in the Complex Enterprise”, “How to Scale Agile in a Bi-modal World”, “Scaling Agile: A Guide for the Perplexed”, “Three Things You Must Know to Transform Any Sized Organization Into an Agile Enterprise”, “Welcome to the Matrix! Organizational Structures to Support Agile”, “What is This Nexus Thing Anyway?”,”Agile Metrics: Using Them As a Force For Good, Not Evil”, “Coaching Skills for Scrum Masters”, “The ScrumMaster Dojo: Building a Scrum Master and Coaching Community of Practice”, “Things Are Broken: A Study in Moving Tooooo”, “From Models to Stories: Building Your Agile Backlog”, “Portfolio Kanban: Applying Agile and Lean Principles At Portfolio Level”, “Paying Off Technical Debt”.

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