Scrum Agile Project Management

Agile Australia, Melbourne, Australia, December 6-7 2021

Agile Australia is a two-day conference built specifically for Agile and Scrum practitioners in Australia who are serious about expanding their thinking and ways of working: at an individual and organizational level. Hear valuable insights from highly regarded keynotes, learn how to create high-quality solutions faster and network with potential clients and collaborators.

In the agenda of the Agile Australia conference you can find topics like “Continuous Delivery sounds great but it won’t work here”, “Deep Dive – Cost of Delay”, “Causal loop diagrams”, “Psychological safety through Deep Democracy”, “Ten years after adopting Agile”, “What colour is your Agile?”, “Simple ingredients for leadership agility”, “Towards an Agile Country”, “Scaled Agile: A Federal Government Implementation”, “Coaching Product Owners Effectively”, “The heart of Agile is in your local primary school”, “Using visual management to introduce Lean thinking”, “Failing @ Scaling: don’t panic, and carry a towel!”, “Intent-based Leadership”, “Myths and patterns of organisational change”, “Simplicity by Design”, “Achieving tangible business benefits with the Scaled Agile Framework”, “Autonomy and Leadership at Spotify”, “Concrete experimentation in Agile environments”.

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