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Thinking Tools for Large-Scale Scrum

February 7, 2012 0

As Agile and Scrum are adopted by an increasing number of companies, this book from Craig Larman and Bas Vodde provides important thinking tools to remind us that it is more important to “be agile” than to “do agile”. Scrum or Lean are frameworks that we can use for continuous improvement of our software development process and not tools that should be applied blindly like cooking recipes.

Adaptive Project Framework by Robert K. Wysocki

May 10, 2011 0

This book is a little bit different in the project management category. Its goal is to present an open framework and not a prescriptive model. Many project managers prefer to apply existing recipes for their project, but if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, you will find in this books many ingredients to create your own recipe to manage software development projects.

Succeeding with Agile by Mike Cohn

September 3, 2010 0

Now that Agile has established itself as the dominant new trend in software development, the number of books that deal with this topic is increasing every day. Besides the fact that Mike Cohn is a recognized expert in the area of agile project management, why should you buy his book rather any other book published on the same topic?

Reflections on Management by Watts S. Humphrey

July 14, 2010 0

This book is composed of papers previously written by Watts Humphrey. The people and management aspects of software development are often neglected in books and this one is a good source to start thinking about them… and improving our practice.

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