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Being Agile

April 29, 2014 0

Being Agile: Eleven Breakthrough Techniques to Keep You from “Waterfalling Backward” is a book that aims to provides some techniques that will help teams starting to adopt an Agile approach to software development to solve some of the issues they will face. If your team is tempted to get back to the traditional project management approach, you will find material in this book to continue your journey towards Agile.

Moving Scrum Beyond the Team to Create the Agile Organization

April 28, 2014 0

Scrum and Kanban offer firms a clear concept of dealing very fast with client demands. Continuous delivery of the most important feature sets of products, iteration by iteration, created a tremendous amount of value for companies like, Google, Microsoft and other companies worldwide.

Cooperation & Collaboration in Scrum

April 22, 2014 0

The first value of the Agile Manifesto is ” Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. Its third value is “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation”. In his book “Agile Analytics”, Ken Collier discusses the concepts of cooperation and collaboration in Agile.

Feature Board and Cards

April 14, 2014 1

Most of the Scrum teams use a task board to visualize their activity and progress with task cards. In these two blog posts, Keith Clinton, the author of Agile Game Development with Scrum, discusses the concept of feature boards and feature cards.

Without Simplicity, There Is no Agility

April 10, 2014 1

Rich Hickey has stated “The simpler solution is going to kick your butt”, Russ Miles would go further, “The simpler solution is already kicking your butt; no one is more agile than the teams developing with simplicity in mind”.

A Team of Product Owners

April 7, 2014 0

The Product Owner is a very important role in Scrum. He has the key responsibility to create, manage and prioritize the product development backlog. Can this responsibility always be to a unique person or is there situations where you could have a team of product owners? Kenneth Rubin discusses this topic in his “Essential Scrum” book.

Are Your User Stories Ready to Be Done?

April 1, 2014 0

The definition of “Done” (DoD), which means that a feature is ready for delivery, is a concept often discussed in Scrum. In this blog post, George Dinwiddie discusses the concept of “Ready” that apply to user stories that are ready to be developed.