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Self-Organization of Scrum Adoption

November 27, 2013 0

How will an organization that is already truly self-organized before Agile changes its process to adopt a framework like Scum? In this blog post, the Lomio team, a worker-owned cooperative company with no bosses, discusses how they embrace Scrum.

Implementing Scrum: Evolution or Revolution?

November 19, 2013 0

As Rex Lester explains in this article: “Implementing Scrum involves adoption of a new paradigm across the organization. In most instances, the severe level of culture shift and change aren’t really appreciated”. The article discusses the difficulties of moving an organization from a Waterfall process to an Agile approach.

Different Cultures Different Agile(s)?

November 14, 2013 0

During the presentation I’d like to give you opportunity to look at various countries and organizations cultures to discuss challenges in introducing and using agile there. We’ll learn some nice lifehacking tricks how use the differences in most efficient way.

Agile Coaching? Everybody Needs to be a Coach in Agile

November 13, 2013 0

When you observe a well-knit team in action, you’ll see a basic hygienic act of peer-coaching that is going on all the time. Team members sit down in pairs to transfer knowledge. When this happens, there is always one learner and one teacher. Their roles tend to switch back and forth over time with, perhaps, A coaching B about TCP/IP and then B coaching A about implementation of queues. When it works well, the participants are barely even aware of it. They may not even identify it as coaching; to them, it may just seem like work.

Enterprise Scrum Transformation

November 5, 2013 0

Adopting an Agile approach in a software development organization requires more than just sending some people to a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course. In this article, John Hill provides six recommendations for an enterprise Scrum transformation.