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Key Barriers to Agile Transformation

January 18, 2011 0

In this blog post, Mike Cottmeyer list of his top 12 things you might need to consider before you start a journey towards an Agile organization.

Top Ten Tips for Distributed Scrum Team Teleconferences

January 11, 2011 0

After acting as scrum master for several months on a distributed team with people in six different locations, three different time zones and two different countries, Jon Archer offers ten tips to help get past those inevitable awkward silences in Scrum teleconferences.

Agile Reality over Rhetoric

January 11, 2011 0

In this blog post, Scott Ambler discusses the rhetoric that he has found to be the most misleading for people trying to be effective at adopting agile techniques.

How Product Designer Works in Agile Teams

January 4, 2011 0

The product designer (PD) is very a important role in software development. They will provide detail requirements specification and business workflow, UI workflow. In traditional software development process, PD will prepare the detail requirement design document before develop team start to make software design. How does the product designer work in Agile Teams?

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