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How to Sustain Adaptive Planning

October 15, 2010 0

Scrum and other agile methods recognize that responsiveness to change is an important aspect of delivering projects. They also recognize that software development is evolutionary and creative. By managing changes through Adaptive planning, Scrum provides a simple yet effective method of planning and tracking project progress. “How to Sustain Adaptive Planning” examines what is needed to sustain Adaptive planning and improve Team’s responsiveness towards customer needs.

Ten Questions You’d Be Crazy not to Ask at the Start of Your Project

October 15, 2010 0

This happens all the time on projects: assuming there is consensus when none exists. While good teams can roll with these punches and adapt as they go, it’s a form of waste that can hurt or kill the unwary before they even get out of the gate. To nip this problem in the bud, ThoughtWorks created a lightweight project chartering tool called “The Agile Inception Deck: 10 questions and exercises you’d be crazy not to ask before starting your project.”

Why a Good Agile Team is so Hard to Find

October 1, 2010 0

Everyone has heard about the benefits of a strong Agile team. They are focussed, extremely productive and self-managing. Why is it so hard to make your agile team gain these same benefits?