Scrum Agile Project Management

Metrics to Drive High Performance Scrum Teams

This presentation by Grindr VP of Engineering, Lukas Sliwka, focuses on implementing Scrum metrics to drive high performance teams while building strong and innovative software engineering organization.

You will learn in this presentation:

1) What Scrum is and what is not: Lukas will share his experience in using agile and Scrum practices to build high performing, software engineering team. He will focus on Scrum as a communication framework and he will discuss supporting practices necessary to make Scrum successful in a modern software engineering organization.

2) Key factors necessary for a successful implementation of Scrum: Lukas will share key ingredients necessary for a successful Scrum reboot of a software engineering organization.

3) How to measure Scrum: Lukas will showcase and discuss the usage of Velocity, Work Capacity, Focus Factor, and other metrics to measure performance of agile teams. He will also discuss application of Scrum metrics in creation of engineering roadmaps and forecasts.

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