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Example Mapping Introduction

Before including a user story in a Scrum sprint, it is important to clarify and confirm its acceptance criteria.In recent years, lots of Agile software development teams have been using a simple collaborative technique called Example Mapping to break down user stories. It was conceived co-founder of Cucumber, Matt Wynne, who wrote the seminal post introducing the practice “Introducing Example Mapping“.

In this video, the creator of Cucumber, Aslak Hellesoy, introduces Example Mapping and Aslak and Steve Tooke take questions from attendees. As Matt puts it, “Example Mapping helps you zoom in and focus on the smallest pieces of behavior inside your story. By mapping it out you can tease apart the rules, find the core of the behavior you want, and defer the rest until later. With this level of scrutiny, example mapping acts like a filter, preventing big fat stories from getting into your sprint and exploding.”

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