Story Points Explained

September 12, 2016 0

Metrics are an important part of Agile project management approaches like Scrum. One of the most used measures to estimate the amount of work are the story points. In this small article, Pedro Gustavo Torres explains what they are, why you need them and how to use them.

Measuring the Cost of Story Points

November 9, 2015 0

Story point is a arbitrary relative measure used by Scrum teams to define the effort required to implement one story. In this article, Mahfoud Amiour proposes an approach to measure the cost of story points implementation.

Retrospectives for Story Points

July 22, 2014 0

At the end of each sprint, the Scrum team take some time to think about what could be improved in its Agile process. In this blog post, Natalie Warnert discusses how you could also use the retrospective meeting to look at story sizes after the sprint and determine if they were correctly sized as far as story points are concerned.

Estimation with Story Points in Scrum

May 1, 2013 0

Klaus Bucka-Lassen discusses the estimation with story points in Scrum. Story points are a different way to estimate features in Scrum. Story points are a measurement of a feature’s size relative to other features and not a measure of the time needed to complete a feature.

Explaining Relative Estimation

January 14, 2013 2

One of the important point in the Scrum Agile project management approach is the fact that user stories are estimated using a relative size and not the “exact” man/days measure used to size effort by traditional approaches. In his blog post, Ilan Goldstein discusses how to explain the relative estimation concept in Scrum.

Why You Should Not Estimate in Hours or Days

September 4, 2012 13

Developers don’t like to provide time estimates for implementing a software feature. Management, on the other hand, has a legitimate need for project management estimates. This article explains how the Scrum Agile Project Management framework provides a solution to this conflict.

Scrum Estimation Techniques For New Teams

January 30, 2012 0

This article discusses estimation techniques for teams that are adopting Scrum. The authors recommend to use story points during the release planning phase, but initially to switch to hours to estimate tasks during the sprint planning. Then the team will gradually move to using story points to estimate complete stories that members will commit for in next sprint.

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