Agile change and transformation

Back to the Heart of Agile

January 25, 2017 0

“Agile has become overly decorated. Let’s scrape away those decorations for a minute, and get back to the center of Agile.” The Heart of Agile is a fresh look at Agile that strips away a lot of the cruft that has built up over recent years. Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. Alistair Cockburn goes over the addition of kokoro onto the shu-ha-ri sequence, and its implications for agile.

A Step By Step Guide to Agile By Stealth

January 18, 2017 0

Resistance to change is part of the human condition and overcoming this resistance is part of adopting Agile & Scrum and changing the way delivery teams work together. A large part of the prevailing certified methods are about tackling this problem in a variety of ways. How successful these methods are depends on many things and not least the starting conditions and senior leadership support. Without this kind of safety net creativity is called for and Tony Heap talks here about his experiences with a less head on approach to influencing things.

Delivering Agile in Hostile Environments

August 30, 2016 0

Agile versus Waterfall is often presented as a difference in development methodology, but it is much more a clash of cultures. Large bureaucracies, government regulation and many other factors can create an environment that is hostile to many forms of innovation and in which Waterfall is actually the most cost-effective approach.

Clash of Agile Project in Waterfall Organisation

March 3, 2016 0

This presentation shares a set of stories, representing lessons learned from running an agile project in a waterfall-based telecom culture. What was done differently from the enterprise waterfall-based project management standard? What agile principles and specific practices were applied? What were tangible benefits to the business from the situation where one project team became “outlaws” of the corporate culture.

Group Problem-Solving Techniques

January 11, 2016 1

Making decisions in groups like Scrum teams is our daily bread. Together we ponder over the right architecture, we select tools and set rules that we should follow as a software development team. In case of errors we discuss and decide how to get rid of them once and for all. We discuss, exchange point of views, bring arguments… or even yell at each other.

Principles Are More Important Than Practices

November 11, 2015 0

One might wonder why it’s not so easy to adopt agile engineering practices and to achieve technical excellence. When we think of practices, we tend to think of simple things: sticking a shopping list on the fridge with a magnet, having a clear and prioritized list of things to do, and doing them in that order. Why is it then that with Agile practices, things don’t work out quite so well?

Actionable Agile Tools

October 19, 2015 0

The basic rules of Agile project management frameworks like Scrum are deceptively simple. Drawing from his experience as an Agile coach, Jeff Campbell offers in his book “Actionable Agile Tools” some lightweight practices and tools that could help you to implement successfully an Agile approach.

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