User-Centered Agility Assessment and Benchmark

DUCAT is a free assessment and benchmarking online tool that aims at creating awareness for user-centered agility and enable companies to easily assess the status of their projects. The tool provides a 360 degrees assessment to investigate the team’s perspective and process. These results are completed with the users’ evaluation of of the product.

User-Centered Agility Assessment and Benchmark

When you start to assess a new project, you go through a first screen where you can define it and provide additional information on your team and development approach (Scrum, Kanban, etc.). You can then invite the team members by e-mail to fill the survey. It takes less than 20 minutes per team member to complete the survey. They will answer questions like “We frequently develop working software that is tested, integrated and executable as a partial system” or “Developers communicate and collaborate with business people continuously to incorporate their evolving requirements”. You can also send a link to the users so they can fill a 3 (web) pages easy survey on how they feel about the product.

User-Centered Agility Assessment and Benchmark

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