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ZenHub Adds Agile Reporting

ZenHub project management tool for software development teams using GitHub has released a new Agile reporting suite aimed at enterprise software teams looking to optimize their development lifecycle. ZenHub has created a reporting suite that includes Release Reports, Velocity Charts, Burndown Charts, Cumulative Flow Diagrams, and now Control Point Charting.

With ZenHub’s reporting suite, software development teams have the data-driven insights they need to improve their agile development process. Release reports allow teams to manage scope changes across long-term projects or milestones. Velocity charts display a team’s historical speed of work, showing exactly how much value a team can ship each sprint. Burndown charts display an overview of complete and incomplete work so teams are always up-to-date on whether they are on track to deliver. The recently released Cumulative Flow Diagram and the Control Point Chart, designed specifically for Kanban teams, provide critical insights into how workflows perform over time to highlight bottlenecks that need attention.

ZenHub reporting, when paired with GitHub, gives agile software teams new data-driven project management insights. These insights drive a faster time-to-value, provide greater visibility into the work being done, and allows for easy identification of bottlenecks in a team’s workflow. This allows teams to identify easy to miss trouble spots in a software development process, make meaningful changes towards continual improvement, and track the business impact of those changes.