Targetprocess Expands to Project Portfolio Management

Targetprocess is a visual project management tool that recently released project portfolio management functionalities in response to frequent requests from users for an Agile PPM solution. The new PPM Solution allows users to plan by teams and connect high-level strategy with execution. Features such as People Allocation Management and RAG Status Tracking allow users to see the “big picture” and benefit from full traceability at various levels.

The latest release also included Workflow Management for Functional Teams, an often requested feature which lets users visualize and manage work for functional teams. The new Workflow Management for Functional Teams is to help companies adopting Agile to optimize the current process and simplify their adoption of Agile as the next step. Targetprocess plans to build on its portfolio management functionality as users continue to request capabilities. Features like Capacity Management and Custom Metrics are in line to be added next.

These new features are driven by user requests from the Targetprocess community, but Michael Dubakov, one of the founders of Targetprocess, has observed that 2016 will see a great deal of merging between Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions as vendors look to better connect portfolio planning to project execution.

Later in 2016, Targetprocess is planning to integrate itself with Vizydrop, a daughter project of the company that analyzes data and generates automatic charts with suggestions for different ways to view information. The integration aims to help Targetprocess users better understand their project data in order to derive greater business value from it. Dubakov believes that such integrations are going to be increasingly necessary for portfolio and project management tools.

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