SolutionsIQ Buys BigVisible

SolutionsIQ has announced the acquisition of BigVisible. With nearly 150 Agile consultants, the combined company forms the largest and most experienced Agile consulting firm focused exclusively on enterprise Agile adoption.

SolutionsIQ will operate its main offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston in the U.S., and Bangalore in India, while working closely with strategic global partners in the U.S., Asia, EMEA and South America. The company’s customer growth within such industries as IT, financial services, telecom, retail and manufacturing, is largely due to the fact that “business agility” has become increasingly critical to global organizations. This is borne out in the consistent 20-percent-plus growth SolutionsIQ has experienced during the past few years. The company has announced that it intends to expand its consultant base by 35% in 2015 to address the growing demand.

SolutionsIQ has been a leader in Agile consulting since the methodology was introduced more than a decade ago. The company’s latest offering is its comprehensive Agile Transformation Solution (ATS). ATS is an integrated program structured to help organizations formalize processes and tool structures that streamline product delivery and promote innovation. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of executives, mid-level managers and delivery teams, all within a proven organization change management framework. BigVisible has grown its firm through its Business Agility offerings, which leverages its Enterprise Lean Startup services to improve an organization’s responsiveness to change by providing the tools and techniques needed to accelerate discovery, experimentation and market-validation.

In addition to the ATS and Business Agility services, SolutionsIQ offers:
* Agile Portfolio Management: SolutionsIQ helps enterprise organizations develop strategies and processes for continuous collaboration between IT and business stakeholders. Analysis and planning around budgeting, investment cycles, business case development, prioritization and performance-based decision-making drive value in Agile software delivery initiatives.
* Agile Technical Engineering: Improved software development practices are at the foundation of Agile. Many Agile companies still lack the technical engineering capabilities to benefit from Agile software development practices. SolutionsIQ now offers Agile technical engineering that helps customers create virtually flawless code and applications.
* Enterprise Lean Startup: Another motivating force behind the acquisition was BigVisible’s Enterprise Lean Startup services, which support the continued and widespread adoption of Lean-based business and software approaches.

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