Software Delivery Track for Agile on the Beach Conference

The Agile on the Beach conference has confirmed its Software Delivery line up which will run on the both days. The conference will have 40+ speakers including a keynote by Dr Linda Rising, internationally known for her work in patterns, retrospectives, influence strategies, agile development, and the change process.

The Software Delivery track will be headlined by a keynote from Rebecca Parsons CTO at Thoughtworks
* Jo Cranford: Build In Quality
* Byran Wills-Heath: How we implemented TDD in Embedded C/C++
* Jon Jagger: The design and implementation of cyber-dojo
* Elizabeth Pope: 10% time the pros and cons?
* Wouter Lagerweij: Testing in a Continuous Delivery World
* Paul Boocock: Continuously delivering software to big brands
* Lyndsay Prewer: Smoothing the continuous delivery path – a tale of two architectures
* David Brownhill & Craig Scott-Angell: Penetration Testing in the Release Pipeline
* Jim Barritt: Finding the merkle tree in the block chain forest
* Sarah Glanville & Paul Lemon: Sky – Moving on up

Session details below for Software Delivery with full details at

Speakers and sessions for our themes of Agile Teams and Practices, Agile Business and Product Design and Management will be confirmed over the next few weeks with a full schedule announced by May.

Super Early Birds can secure tickets at £295 (£100 off full price) if booked before 31st May. For help with travel and accommodation please visit our website

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