ScrumDesk Start! 3.8 Released

ScrumDesk has released ScrumDesk Start! v.3.8 that provides print, filter and mentions. ScrumDesk Start! is a free Scrum board for small Agile teams focused on getting the results instead of complicated process. It brings core Scrum practices fundamental for fast product development by self-organized teams.

Finally printing has appeared in ScrumDesk Start! As we have great planning experience with physical cards, we decided for card layout that we suggest to clients of our consultancy team. Printed card layout provides fundamental information necessary for proper release or sprint planning.

Other improvements

Advanced filters

Even all attributes of backlog items and tasks were checked by filters in previous versions, in v.3.8. we enhanced filter dialog to simplify filter definition. Now you can even display tasks of more people and statuses at the same time.

Visual notifications

Did your colleague added new comment related to your work in side view and you was not aware about it? Not anymore. Notifications Center is window to all mentions of your account name. You will be informed about new unseen comment by red circle with number of unread mentions. Plus, task card or backlog item where comment is, will be marked by small red circle NotificationBuble in left top corner as is seen on the picture bellow.

Visual Notifications

Click on notification buble in the right bottom corner to display Notifications Center window with all mentions of your login name that can be anywhere in the backlog.

Split backlog item

All backlog items should be finished in an ideal sprint. But be honest, how many teams are able to achieve that? Well, we heard a lot of voices to provide possibility to split partially finished backlog item into the next sprint. Therefore you will be asked by Start! if you want to move or split item once you move backlog item into other sprint on Plan view.

Move backlog item to other project

Some of customers asked about possibility to move backlog items between projects managed in Start!. To move it, click backlog item and choose Move to project item. You will be able to choose an organization and projects form that organization which you are allowed to access.

Movable retrospective cards

As further improvements of retrospective module, to simulate real physical world retrospective cards can be now freely moved on the board. This way you can group similar ideas together and split the board into semantically important areas. Stay tuned, significant improvements of retrospective is on its way!

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