Updated is an on-line web site for planning poker produced in cooperation with Mountain Goat, Mike Cohn’s company. It has launched several new free features over the past two weeks. Major design enhancements throughout the game, including a smaller footer and header to increase the game board space.

New features for Dealers:
* view and print game results in a helpful summary screen
* edit game details in an all-new Settings tab within the game board
* choose whether cards automatically flip when the last card is played
* choose whether players can change their card after a flip
* add external links within story titles
* change the order of stories in the Stories tab

New features for Players:
* rename themselves within a game
* access the site in China

In a few weeks, there will be the release of paid subscriptions to for the first time. The basic game will always be free, but through a paid subscription you will get access to several new features, including:
* Ability to import and export game results via .csv
* Jira integration
* Team velocity tracking
* Custom pointing scales
* And much more!

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