Nutcache Adds Agile Features

Nutcache, a simple invoicing and time tracking online application, has just rolled out its new release with a collaborative turn. Simplicity, ease-of-use, and flexibility have always driven Nutcache’s development plans from day one. Therefore, teams working under the Kanban Agile work method, or simple organizations trying to improve their project management skills, will see their efficiency taken to the next level and will get things done faster by sharing tasks with teammates, keeping track of their progress, and communicating with clients for feedback, all in real-time.

Basically, Nutcache’s collaborative feature is made up of boards, lists and cards that represent a workflow. Each card can be filled with a variety of information, such as checklists, worked hours, expenses, or attached documents. And since cards are linked with the time tracking and expenses modules, billing clients for work done becomes a breeze.

Guest users, such as clients, or team members, can be invited to collaborate and comment on different tasks, which can be prioritized and moved from one list to another as work progresses from start to finish. Of course, lists can also be used as containers for ideas, tasks or others activities not necessarily part of a workflow. In other words, Nutcache’s great flexibility makes it the ideal project management tool for any business!

From a simple invoicing and time tracking app, Nutcache is now truly shaking the collaborative industry with a unique collaborative project management solution with time tracking, invoicing and expenses that helps businesses team up, organize, track, and get paid.

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