Micro Focus Atlas 3.0 Improves Agile Delivery

Micro Focus has announced today the availability of Atlas 3.0, its latest Agile business requirements and delivery platform. With Atlas 3.0, the visibility into quality metrics provides organizations greater confidence that the business needs are aligned with Agile delivery.

Atlas 3.0 integrates with multiple test management platforms, including Silk Central, for strategically planning testing suites, defining test cases and executing quality management. This integration continuously aligns testing efforts with business user requirements, even as they evolve over time. The business has complete visibility and control to view test activity and results in each of the requirement areas.

With Atlas 3.0, development teams can more easily define and track business needs, independently or in cadence with an Agile delivery team. New Atlas 3.0 features include the ability to:
* Review and evaluate the results of evolving business needs: View details of how requirement versions have changed over the life of the project.
* Assess potential impact of new requirements: Easily create diagrams that show requirement relationships and identify interdependencies to help make informed decisions and set realistic schedule expectations as new requirements are introduced.
* Improve collaboration between business and development teams: Communicate and exchange ideas/concepts better as you develop and clarify application requirements.
* Translate the progress of Agile teams into the context of customer expectations: Return transparency to the business with a clear picture of where development time is being spent to confirm that focus remains aligned with the defined requirements.

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