LeanKit Provides Two New Reports

LeanKit provides a flexible environment where teams practicing different methodologies — such as Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall and everything in between — can work together within the context of the larger enterprise system to deliver value faster.

To support the needs of teams practicing Scrum and Scrumban, LeanKit has announced that a burndown report is now available. In addition, for teams using planned finish dates to plan and schedule their work, LeanKit has introduced a new Planned Percent Complete report.

The Burndown Chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time, teams practicing Scrum and Scrumban use burndown reports to answer the question: “Are we on pace to complete our committed work by the end of this sprint?” The Planned Percent Complete (PPC) chart helps us answer the question: “How accurate are we at planning our work to deliver on our commitments?” This report measures the percentage of work items that are 100% complete on the specified finish date.

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