Hansoft 8.4 Released

Hansoft has announced the release of Hansoft. 8.4, which includes a complete reboot of the quality assurance features in the tool. This represents a huge step forward for quality assurance teams using Hansoft to manage defects or tickets and cross functional teams looking to further integrate quality assurance with their development processes.

Bugs Visible within Sprints in the Planning View

Hansoft 8.4 allows for bugs to be viewed in the sprint backlog and on boards. Bugs can also be given a sprint priority, meaning they can easily be prioritised against regular sprint tasks. This ensures that Hansoft accurately reflects the state of your sprint and ensures total transparency for your team in terms of sprint prioritisation.

Multiple Quality Assurance Workflows

Hansoft has also included the ability to create multiple bug workflows to handle different types of bugs. For example, internal and external testing teams can now use different workflows. This is particularly useful if your external testing process includes additional sign-off steps. If your quality assurance teams are divided across different disciplines it is also common for them to have different processes. User interface testing, for example, might follow a different workflow to lower level core feature testing. All of these different scenarios can now be accurately and easily reflected within Hansoft.

Customize Terminology in Hansoft

It is now possible to edit the terms used within Hansoft for both bugs and quality assurance. If your team prefers to issue ‘tickets’ within an ‘issue tracker’, Hansoft allows you to use these or other terms within the tool. We believe that truly agile teams require tools that can be adapted to fit their practices and processes.

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