Digité and Sapience Form Partnership

Digité has announced a partnership with Sapience to jointly market their leading products to help enterprises become more productive and efficient. The two companies will build interoperability between Digité’s SwiftALM and SwiftKanban products and the Sapience People Analytics solution.

Digité provides web-based, integrated, collaborative Lean/Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools and solutions for the Global Delivery Model. Its SwiftKanban product has been built with guidance from Kanban guru David J. Anderson. Sapience is a People Analytics solution. At an individual level, it empowers users to own their productivity and wellness through mindful work. At the enterprise level, managers and CxOs get accurate Workload and Capacity Utilization insights across every business dimension. Together, Digité and Sapience Analytics will co-market and deliver unique solutions and offerings to transform the Global Delivery Model.

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