ConnectALL 2.6.1 for VersionOne Released

Go2Group has released ConnectALL 2.6.1 for VersionOne. The VersionOne adapter in ConnectALL lets you efficiently manage all levels of enterprise agile project management. You can integrate VersionOne projects with other agile tools to enhance collaboration and optimize your agile project management. Each team can work on the application of its choice and all data between agile tools flows bi-directionally. ConnectALL integrates the most popular Application Lifecycle Management tools using a “configuration, not coding” approach.

ConnectALL allows integrating VersionOne with ServiceNow, JIRA and HPE ALM. For agile development teams using JIRA and VersionOne, ConnectALL transforms JIRA issues into workitems (defects or stories) in VersionOne. Using this integration, an organization can manage and triage issues reported by customers and promote them to VersionOne for prioritization, estimation, planning, and implementation. When the work is completed in VersionOne, the integration updates JIRA to reflect the resolved status. The testing team identifies a defect in HPE ALM. The defect is replicated to a VersionOne project as a new defect by ConnectALL. As the development team starts to debug, all the updates are synced back to the defect in HPE ALM. Upon completion of development, the defect is resolved.

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