Clarizen Fall Release Enhances JIRA Integration

Clarizen has announced its Fall 2015 Product Release, delivering dynamic new options for viewing work, as well as a stronger integration between Atlassian JIRA and Clarizen. The enhanced JIRA integration allows JIRA users’ work to be reflected and managed in Clarizen, providing full content creation and collaboration capabilities.

The JIRA v2 integration strengthens everyone’s work connections and align teams with an enterprise-grade bidirectional integration. When one part of a team uses JIRA for software coding and bug tracking while the rest of the project is managed in Clarizen, all stakeholders are in sync as key JIRA data is reflected in Clarizen and vice versa. The flexible, out-of-the-box integration features best practices mappings and events, with an easy-to-use administration layer designed for business users.

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