Atlassian Introduces JIRA Software

Atlassian has announced the next branch in JIRA’s development: JIRA Software. This new branch is an evolution that has been specifically created for software teams. By merging JIRA’s powerful workflow engine with the most important elements of agile development, like flexible Scrum and Kanban boards, and real-time reporting, JIRA Software sets a new standard for software development.

According to Atlassian, this evolution has been underway for some time. They have introduced in the last four releases of JIRA a series of improvements that better integrate JIRA with your software team’s developer tools. JIRA 6.4 has seen the launch of the Release Hub, which gives software teams the ability to check on the health and status of an upcoming release. In the short time since its launch, Release Hub has seen the highest adoption of any JIRA feature. With the launch of JIRA Software, Release Hub will be the first of many features that Atlassian can now design, build and ship specifically for software teams. JIRA Software has a redesigned sidebar so that real-time information about every phase of the development–planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting–is always one click away.

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