Amadeus Consulting Offers Tool To Address Scrum Planning Gap

Amadeus Consulting has announced the availability of its process tool, ID-GEM for Agile development projects. ID-GEM is a framework that enables organizations to align business value objectives early in the application development process, avoiding the “planning gap” that occurs when development teams jump straight into the “features and functions” phase of development. ID-GEM helps reduce software project failure rates by addressing the need for better front-end planning. Amadeus offers ID-GEM at no charge as a way to give back to the community.

Regardless of the development methods used, a project’s business value needs to be determined before assigning sprint tasks. Rather than spending time on the front-end – planning out the entire project, Agile development teams can use ID-GEM to work with business stakeholders to ensure the final output meets the business requirements before initiating the sprint process for developing features and functions.

ID-GEM is available now at no charge through a “Process-as-a-Service” model from a hosted web service. The service is initiated via a short questionnaire that matches ID-GEM process guidelines with organizational objectives, values and application-type characteristics. Once the questionnaire is completed, a customized PDF of the ID-GEM Framework is created and delivered to the end-user. ID-GEM then serves as a repeatable process for organizations to use in each and every software project planning process.

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