Agile Nomad for iOS Released

Incrementor has released Agile Nomad, a new cloud-based iPad application to increase collaboration and effective communication among agile project team members using approaches like like Scrum, XP or Kanban.

Agile Nomads can easily adapt to various project situations and this mobile app is designed to allow them to think, capture and process material in highly flexible ways. For example, project teams can share their content in a traditional, text-based approach, but also via voice recording, images and video recording. The hardware capabilities of a mobile device are highly integrated with this iOS app. Team members can dictate requirements or attach images they took during workshops or meetings without any typing. Because the material is captured in the cloud, they become available to the rest of the team right away. Version 1.0 of the Agile Nomad is now available in the Apple AppStore as a monthly subscription service of $8.99 and $89.90 yearly.

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