The ScrumMaster Job Description

The ScrumMaster role might be the more difficult to define among the three role involved in the Scrum team. Starting from a “bad” ScrumMaster job description, Sam Laing discusses in this article th errors to avoid when you create a Scrum Master role specification. As a bonus, she adds at the end a good ScrumMaster job description. Author : Sam Laing, Growing Agile, This morning I received a ScrumMaster job description. About 5 years ago these were really bad, essentially Project Manager jobs with a different name. They have gotten better and I am even noticing words like collaboration and facilitation. The one I read this morning caught my attention as the opening paragraph was great and then it got weird. Anyway. I decided it was worth debunking each Key Responsibility and highlighting whose responsibility that is in Scrum and why. (NOTE: there are some good job descriptions – I’ve included one at the bottom of this post) Key responsibilities – Run daily, weekly and monthly agile rituals efficiently and strictly I agree the ScrumMaster (SM) should ensure these are happening, however it is not their responsibility to run them. If they are not happening the SM should figure out why and help solve the underlying impediment. – Tracks work progress to identify blockages and developer divergence from allocated tasks The team tracks their own progress during the sprint and also allocates tasks themselves. The Product Owner (PO) tracks work progress against the release or product. The SM should note … Continue reading The ScrumMaster Job Description