Handling Scrum Impediments

The top priority for a ScrumMaster should be to remove anything impeding his team to progress, in other words the impediments. In his article, Ilan Goldstein defines an impediment as “An event that impedes the ability of any of the team members to work to their estimated sprint capacity.”

The post starts with a list of possible impediments that includes ungroomed product backlog, absent product owner holding up key decisions or broken build. The most interesting part of the post is however the six step approach to deal with Scrum impediments that Ilan Goldstein proposes. It is based on the acronym “CTTRRL” that represent the Capture, Track, Triage, Resolve, Report and Learn steps. Those six steps are explained in detail, with the addition of a seventh step: calculating the cost of the impediment cost. The post is concluded with an explanation of the difference between an “impediment” and a “block” in Ilan Goldstein view.

Read the full blog post http://www.scrumshortcuts.com/blog/planning-metrics/implicating-impediments/

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