SwanseaCo, Swansea, Wales, September 12-13 2016

SwanseaCo is a two-day conference that takes place in Swansea, Wales. It discusses Agile development, Scrum project management and Software Craftsmanship. The conference includes keynotes and presentations, a discussion panel and time between sessions to network and connect with fellow Agile software developers from around the world.

In the agenda of the SwanseaCo conference you can find topics like “Refactoring Legacy Code”, “Meetings or Discipline, It’s Your Choice”, “Agile Remotely”, “Organizational Wide Agility”, “A Toolset for Creating a Potentially Releasable Product Increment”, “User-Story Point estimation: a new approach”, “An Insider’s View Of Agile In The Public Sector”, “The 7 unmentioned challenges of Scrum”, “What Is Continuous Inspection, Anyway?”, “Level Up Your Tests”, “Managing Global Teams: Lessons Learned”, “Surrender the Illusion of Control”, “Spreadsheets are Code”, “Software Craftsmen Need to Stop Coding so Much”, “Lean UX and Agile Development Taking the Public Sector to New Levels”, “Bringing Agile Concepts to Operations”.

Web site: http://swancon.co.uk/
Location for the SwanseaCo conference: Liberty Stadium, Landore, Swansea SA1 2FA, UK

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