Scrum Day Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 5 2018

Scrum Day Europe is a one-day conference dedicated to Scrum. This conference dedicated to Agile project management and Scrum takes place in Amsterdam and will features local and international expert speakers. This is a main event for all European Scrum practitioners.

In the agenda of Scrum Day Europe you can find topics like “A very Indian approach of Good to Great Agile Coaching”, “Let go of Big Design Up Front. it’s time for Continuous Architecture”, “The 8 stances of a Scrum Master”, “Scrum Turns 21, what is next for Scrum for the next 20 years”, “When Agile is not enough, responsiveness to the rescue”, “The Lean Startup powerpack, extending the model for easy practical use”, “Saying goodbye to command and control for good: how completely hierarchy-free companies can take Scrum to the next level”, “A retrospective on Leading Agile Transformations”, “Acceptance test driven development @ Scale”, “The systemic Scrum Master”, “Implementing Agile for embedded software development in Lely”, “Serious Play on the Path to Agility”, “Using Lean UX to build the right things”, “Product Owner Value Game” or “Agile Myth Busters”.

Web site:
Location for the Scrum Day Europe conference: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC, Amsterdam, Netherlands