Lean Kanban Central Europe, Hamburg, Germany, November 8-9 2016

Lean Kanban Central Europe is a two-day conference focused on using Lean and Kaban in software development taking place in Germany. More than 30 international Lean and Kanban experts will share their experience reports, case studies and advanced ideas on managing knowledge work.

In the agenda of the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference you can find topics like “Creating Robust, Resilient & Antifragile Organizations”, “Fast Forward: New Organising Models in a Complex World”, “Holacracy: Not safe enough to try”, “Dealing with a massive backlog at the World’s no.2 online travel company”, “Applied Kanban Values: Transforming the PMO”, “Statistical Forecasting: Software Estimation Made Easy”, “Turn Your Organisation Into A Laboratory with Strategy Deployment”, “Flow Kanban Essentials”, “Common Communication Failures when implementing Lean and Kanban”, “Taming Ego and Politics: Leadership in a Continuous Culture”, “Kanbanising the Scottish Government”, “Actionable Metrics for Predictability”, “Kanban Tales by the Campfire”, “Becoming a Learning Organization the Kanban Way”.

Web site: http://www.lkce16.eu/
Location for the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference: Elblocation, Neumühlen 17, 22763 Hamburg, Germany

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