Lean India Summit, Bangalore, India, November 21-22 2014

The Lean India Summit is a two-day conference focused on Lean and Agile software development that takes place in Bangalore. Scrum and Agile are tied to the Lean thinking in a big way as concepts like remove waste come from the lean perspective. This event consists of a day of Kaizen Camp and another day filled with expert sessions.

In the agenda of the Lean India Summit you can find topics like “Organizational Growth towards Lean Scrum by adopting agile practices”, “Building Agile Enterprise: From Productivity to Profitability”, “Being Lean and Continuous Improvement”, “Applying Lean principles to move your project to Continuous Software Delivery”.

Web site: http://2014.leanindiasummit.com/
Location for the 2014 conference: Royal Orchid Hotel, 1, Golf Avenue, Hal Airport Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008, India

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