Journée Agile Belge, Charleroi, Belgium, May 18 2018

The Journée Agile Belge is a one-day conference focused on agile software development approaches like Scrum that takes place in Belgium every year. Most of the presentations and workshops are in French, but there also some talks in English.

In the agenda of the Journée Agile Belge you can find topics like “Storytelling & Digital”, “Introduction to Behavior-Driven Development”, “Being Agile is About Caring”, “Accelerated Learning: How Can Agile Help You?”, “Listening based on Theory U”, “Do We Really Need Automated Testing?”, “Using Simulation to Experience Modern Agility”, “How to Create a Team of Agile Teams?”, “When Lean UX Meets Agile Development”.

Web site:
Location for the Journée Agile Belge conference: Charleroi Espace Meeting Européen, Belgium