Agile Singapore Conference, Singapore, October 6-7 2016

The Agile Singapore Conference is a two-day event focused on all aspects of agile software development and Scrum. It is an occasion to learn, interact and network with Agile practitioners from South East Asia and worldwide Agile experts.

In the agenda of Agile Singapore Conference you can find topics like “The Power of an Agile mindset”, “Introduction to Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)”, “Building an Agile Government”, “Applying Agile Development Practices in Distributed Teams”, “You Can’t be Great without Technical Excellence”, “User-Centered Agile Product Development in an Enterprise and a Startup”, “Worse Is Better, for Better or for Worse”, “Team-Driven Improvement with Retrospectives”, “Test-Driven Development for C/C++ “, “A Wrong Encounter: Agile in a Huge-Waterfall Company, LG Electronics”, “Constructive Action in the Face Of Technical Debt”.

Web site:
Location for the Agile Singapore Conference conference: Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore 018956

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