Agile Adria Conference, Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia, April 13-14 2015

Agile Adria Conference is a three-day conference that takes place in Croatia and focuses on Agile and Scrum. Its goal is as a regional event is to be the meeting point for Agilists from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Speakers are experts coming from both Europe and the USA.

In the agenda of the Agile Adria conference, you can find topics like “Lean Startup for Agile Product Management”, “5 Games for Effective Agile Coaching”, “The Product Owner toolkit: how product owners can go from paper-pushers to business success catalysts”, “Agile Estimation dealing with Estimation Bias”, “Origins of the Product Manager vs Product Owner Dilemma”.

The 2015 conference will last longer with two one-day workshops on the third day of the conference. The awarded workshop Lean Quality Assurance, run by Tom Gilb, will be about using lean tools for prevention of defects. Last year’s best speaker Vasco Duarte will run the second workshop, which will be about applying #noEstimates principle to improve software and product development by saving time and funds invested in estimation

Agile Adria Conference

Web site:
Location for the Agile Adria conference: Terme Tuhelj, Tuhelj, Croatia

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